This session explores strategies and approaches to support healthy living across the lifespan.  To prioritize nutritious eating, emphasize the importance of active living and regular physical activity and to limit sedentary activities.

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Change your patterns and overcome your anxiety.

Without realizing that they are doing it, people who struggle with Anxiety often develop patterns that end up making the feelings much worse. This session outlines the 10 most common mistakes that inadvertently strengthen feelings of Anxiety, making it even more challenging to feel balanced and in control.

Participants will learn the solutions that change these dysfunctional patterns so the anxiety can be successfully addressed and overcome.

This is an online event through Zoom facilitated by Kim (she/her) B.A., R.P.C., M.P.C.C., C.T., Tacit Knowledge Counselling & Mental Health Training

Registration is required. 

In Partnership with Parkland School Division

Professional Counselor, Jenn Banas, will walk participants through the nature of trauma, and how it can manifest in the brain, and subsequently, our behaviours. Discover how unprocessed trauma, including attachment trauma, can predispose children to addictive behaviours. Finally, learn how to spot the signs of addiction, and what tools are available for support.
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In partnership with Parkland School Division.

Discussion and strategies for parents.

Come join Parkland School Division Psychologist, Josée Huston, in discussion teen anger and depression. This session will focus on useful strategies that parents can use to support their child.

This is an online event.

Registration is required.

Parkland School Division is proud to present this FREE information session for local families.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Universal parenting practices to support mental health and enhance social connectedness.
  • Practical back-to-school tips on scheduling, routines, and creating positive expectations for the new school year.
  • Proven strategies to support children and parents struggling with anxiety and adjusting to the “new normal” of school in the fall.
  • The session will also include some Q&A time for parents/guardians to ask questions regarding specific challenges their children may be experiencing.