Young Moms

A parenting support group for moms and moms-to- be under the age of 25. Share the experiences, joys and challenges of parenting as a young mom. There are educational sessions as well as opportunities to socialize.

Twins, Triplets & More!

A place for families with, or expecting, multiples to get to know and support one another while sharing in the beautiful chaos that is twins, triplets or more.

ADHD Support Group

Monthly learning sessions on topics of interest to parents, caregivers and those who work with children who have identified developmental delay or diagnosis.

Grandparents as parents

Grandparents as Parents

A weekly drop in group for grandparents who are the primary caregiver of their grandchildren to discuss the challenges and share the successes of parenting grandchildren.

Pregnant Woman

Health for Two

This program provides information and support for a healthy pregnancy. Mothers receive pre-natal education, help with nutrition and links to other community services and supports. Participants can stay with the program until their child is one year of age.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Support

A support group for moms experiencing postpartum depression, presented by Alberta Health Services.